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Announcing Updates to vPad Products

mai 10, 2018

Product Updates

Datrend Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the following updates to the vPad range of products and solutions:

Printing of PM Labels
The latest release of vPad Apps features wireless printing of PM labels for inspected equipment.
Compatible with a range of Brother printers, communication can be via a WiFi network or
directly via Bluetooth.

Improved Accuracy of vPad-RF
V1.32 of the vPad-RF App was released on the 27th of March 2018. vPad-RF will now
provide multi-pulse analysis, which averages measurements from multiple RF pulses and
reduces errors caused by analyzing pulses in isolation. This update further improves the
accuracy of this unique product.

Release of vPad-Medimizer
The vPad-Medimizer App communicates with MediMizer (version 14+) via the internet to
download PM schedules, work orders, and equipment information, and upload completed
Test Records to the CMMS, enabling work orders to be closed automatically. Used in
conjunction with vPad-Check, this methodology eliminates the need for paper records
thereby improving throughput, accuracy and traceability.

Masimo Rainbow
The vPad-A1 App has been updated to enable routine preventive maintenance of patient
monitoring systems which incorporate Rainbow technology. A White Paper has been
produced detailing how the technology works and instruction on how to test rainbow
monitors using the vPad-A1 All-In-One Vital Signs Tester.